The Collector


G. Kountouridis

Welcome to my numismatic digital portfolio. Athens Numismatic Gallery is a privately owned collection of coins, gathered through the years from all over the globe.


I made a career as an commercial airline pilot and retired in 2009 after 29 years of service. My interest in coins started in 1999 shortly after my late father who was involved in the coin business passed away.


To cut a long story short and after one thing led to another I started working in London with coin experts such as the late Dimitry Loulakakis and renowed dealer Stephen Fenton, from whom I learned a lot about English and World coins, but my expertise lies in Sovereigns as this was the main interest of my father from whom of course I learned the basics of it all.

This particular collection is mostly about Sovereigns with emphasis in rare and unusual pieces, both certified and raw. Greek coins (minted after1830) & Medals and some World gold &silver Crowns.

I enjoy holding them and photographing them as well as showing them to anyone who takes an interest by private appointment naturally. I am always willing to upgrade so trade is in my interests and sometimes I sell also to fund an upgrade.


I attend major International shows sometimes as exhibitor and also equally major auctions where you can meet me. 


I hope you enjoy my collection as much as I do and thank you for your interest.