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This section contains mostly Thaler size coins from around the world as I am particularly fond of them. As in previous sections these are Milled coins so mostly minted after 1700 with some minor exceptions and almost all are Silver.


There are no Greek Thalers here. These have been included in the Greek section. Some  times a coin of a smaller denomination attracts my attention because of the quality or rarity or simply the variety despite it being a smaller denomination than Thaler. It will be found here.

As in all sections the last coins in will display first.

1928 45P Cyprus
KM-19. British Administration. George V. One year type. Grades MS64 PCGS.
1887 1F Belgian Cogo
KM-6. Leopold II. Tiny mintage of 20k. Grades MS66 PCGS.
1643 1/4 Ecu France
KM-161.1. FRANCE, Royal. Louis XIV. Paris mint. Grades MS62 PCGS.
1746 Half Crown GB
Spink-3695A. George II. Grades AU55 PCGS probably better though.
1632 Thaler Austria
KM-629.3 Hall mint. Grades MS62 PCGS.
1851 5FR Switzerland
KM-11. Paris mint. Grades MS64 PCGS.
1890 5FR Switzerland
KM-34. Bern mint. Grades MS64 PCGS.
1927 5 Reichsmark Weimar
Code: GRM-S8
KM-55. Weimar Republic. 450 years Tubingen University. Grades MS64 PCGS.
1929 5 Reichsmark Weimar
Code: S7
KM-64. 10th Anniversary of the Weimar Constitution. Grades PR66 PCGS.
1970 15R Silver Proof Ras al Khaima
Code: RAK-1
KM-33. Rimet Cup. Rare. Grades PR66DCAM.
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1851 5FR Switzerland

KM-11. Paris mint. Grades MS64 PCGS.