Greek Coins

The Greek coin collection includes coins from the very beginning of the rebirth of the Greek state in 1828 up to present times. 


Although (as in all my collection) I make an effort to own the very best I can afford, this is not always possible. Normally I am a type collector but with Greek coins my collection is as diversified as needed but never duplicated (except in rare cases).

As in all sections the last coins in will display first.

Greece 1833 1DR
King Otto. UNC (raw) but surely 62.
Greece 1840 2L
Greece 1833A 5Dr
Greece 1833A 5 Drachma Silver. Paris mint. AU.
Greece 1828 KAH 10L
Greece 1828 10 Lepta Copper. "ΚΑΗΟΔΙΣΤΡΙΑΣ" error. Chase 163-B.c
Greece 1833 5 DR(2)
1833 20 Drachma Gold Greece
KM-21. Otto of Greece. I am always very fond of this coin. The very first gold coin of modern Greece. This is the full stems variety.
1833A 5 Drachma Greece
KM-20. Otto of Greece. Paris mint. Very attractive with patchy tones. Ex Numismatica Genevensis 12 Lot 740. Grades au55 ngc.
Greece 1828 1L (1)
1990 20.000 Drachma Gold Proof Greece

KM-156. Bank of Greece issues. Struck to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Italian invasion of Greece (or rather the attmpt to invade). Superb FDC in the box of issue with COA. Incidentally the scattered dark "marks" in field reverse are part of the design (mountains in the

Affectionally known locally as OXI (No) as this was the response of the Prime
Minister Metaxas to the Italian Ambassador's ultimatum for surrender.
1876 20 Drachma Gold Greece
KM-49. George A' (1863-1913). Paris mint. AU.
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Greece 1828 KAH 10L

Greece 1828 10 Lepta Copper. "ΚΑΗΟΔΙΣΤΡΙΑΣ" error. Chase 163-B.c