Greek Coins

The Greek coin collection includes coins from the very beginning of the rebirth of the Greek state in 1828 up to present times. 


Although (as in all my collection) I make an effort to own the very best I can afford, this is not always possible. Normally I am a type collector but with Greek coins my collection is as diversified as needed but never duplicated (except in rare cases).

As in all sections the last coins in will display first.

Greece 1833 5 DR(2)
Greece 1833 5 DR(3)
Greece 1833 5 DR(1)
1833 1 Lepton Greece
KM-13. Otto of Greece. Superb UNC.
1833 20 Drachma Gold Greece
KM-21. Otto of Greece. I am always very fond of this coin. The very first gold coin of modern Greece. This is the full stems variety.
1833A 5 Drachma Greece
KM-20. Otto of Greece. Paris mint. Very attractive with patchy tones. Ex Numismatica Genevensis 12 Lot 740. Grades au55 ngc.
1833A Drachma Greece
ΚΜ-15. Otto as King (1832-1862). Paris mint. Grades MS63 NGC.
1837 1 Lepton Greece
KM-13. Otto of Greece. One of the rarest 1 Lepton copper. Grades AU58 pcgs and struck from clashed dies.
Greece 1875 5 DR
KM-46. George A'. Paris mint. A beautiful coin mostly white some spotting obverse and begining to tone now. UNC.
1876 20 Drachma Gold Greece
KM-49. George A' (1863-1913). Paris mint. AU.
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