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Basically the title says it all. This section includes gold coins from around the world with particular emphasis on Gold Sovereigns (from the Metropolitan mint as well as the colonial mints).


Greek gold coins are duplicated here (they are included in the Greek section as well). The entire collection includes only milled coins so those which have been minted after 1700 with some minor exceptions.

As in all sections the last coins in will display first.

Great Britain 2020 200P
2 oz graded PF70DCAM NGC. Mintage of 125 pieces.
Australia 1880S "∀ictoria" Sovereign
Spink-3855. Sydney mint. A for V in VICTORIA error. One of the very few Australian error Sovereigns and very rare.
Austria 1900 4D
Austria 1912 4D
Austria 1907 4D
USA 1891CC $5
USA 1891CC $5. PCGS AU58.
GB 1829 Sov No2
Spink-3801. Royal mint London.
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