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1. All coins are unconditionally guaranteed genuine for life. Coins which have been graded (slabbed) by a third party (PCGS,NGC,ANACS etc...) will inevitably display their respctive numerical grade. Coins which are not slabbed will be graded in accordance with British and Australian standards (adjective system) however the matter remains subjective.


2. Coins can be ordered and paid for on line (please click here for more). Alternatively orders can also be made via email, letter or phone. However coins will not be reserved to customers unknown to us until cleared payment is received. No orders will be dipatched unless cleared payment has been received. Postage is via the Greek Postal service (ΕΛΤΑ) normally €10 for Europe amd €15 for the rest of the World. Domestically I use ACS courier next day delivery at €10. Valuable items (generally in excess of €1000) will be shipped via fedex at customer's expense (€50).


3. Prefered payment method is Bank wire. For off line payments please use the following Bank details:
Account: 5078-077881-325
IBAN: GR93 0172 0780 0050 7807 7881 325
Cash is accepted as per Greek law restrictions and regulations. Paypal is no longer accepted due to high charges.


4. Lay away plans may be available on certain items. Conditions can vary so please enquire. As a general rule a deposit of 10-20%  is required (depending on the value of the deal). However please note that by defaulting on your payment(s) you will automatically forfeit your deposit. Title (and merchandise) does not pass until payment is made in full.


5. Newly listed items will be automatically added to the "New Additions" tab for a period of 30 days. They will also be displayed in the "Inventory" and carry a "New" green flag.


6. Returns for any reason are accepted within 14 days of receiving the coins however postage and insurance is your responsibility. Coins must be in the same condition as posted to you. Certified coins (NGC, PCGS or CGS/UK) are accepted back but not if the slab has been damaged or broken. Responsibility for lost,damaged or stolen items during this phase remains with the customer and no refund will be issued in such a case.


7. By placing an order you automatically agree to our terms above. - Bottom info