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I recently enquired to NGC if they have identified any Greek counterfeit coins and they were kind enough to dig in to their archives for me. Here is an example they came up with. A copper 1857 5 Lepta (images below).


Although it is difficult to locate the faults just by looking at the photo, what is immediately apparent is the losss of detail and sofness on the high points  especially on the reverse (the leaves of the laurel). The obverse also displays areas of softness but what is more evident here is the granular appearance indicating a possible "spark errosion counterfeit". You can read more on the various methods of counterfeiting on NGC's page here.    


For obvious reasons NGC were reluctant to disclose further information. However their help in this is greatly appreciated.


Below top image is the NGC identified counterfeit coin (photo courtesy NGC) and directly below a genuine coin (photo courtesy Kuenker).




 - Bottom info


  • Sincona και Hessdivo Mάιος 2016


  • Counterfeit 1893 Gold Five Pounds (June 2016)


  • Spectacular Royal Mint error