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How to Buy from us:


When you decide to buy a coin you need to click on: . Your cart will then look something like this:







If you are happy with your purchase you can click on : "Checkout" or "Continue Shopping" to add more items to your cart. Once finished you need to click on "Update" to have all items added up. Then click on "Checkout". You will now fill in your details. Please ensure you select delivery method:




 Then select payment method


If you choose "PayPal" you will be directed to paypal's page where you will use your credit card or your paypal account to complete the payment. The individual item(s) will now show "SOLD" in red and the order is complete. Choosing "Bank account" our Bank details for wiring your payment will now show. Please ensure you pay all Bank charges.  The individual item(s) will now show "Reserved" in red. Payment is expected within two days after which this will now change to "SOLD" and the order is complete. 
Payment "on delivery" is not accepted. Please disregard this option and do not select it. It is generic.


How to Sell to us:

I am always interested in buying single coins or whole collections. I offer payment via Bank wire or cash (cash payments currently limited to €500 as per Greek Goverment regulations). Either method will incur a Goverment tax of 3.6% (a kind of stamp duty tax) which will be deducted from my offer (effectively this is paid by you the customer). The currency is always Euros and I can only wire domestically (this is due to local Goverment imposed rstrictions on capital movement currently in force).


Selling on commission:


I also sell coins on commission. My terms are quite favorable. I charge 10% (+VAT @ 24%) on the agreed price. Payment as described in the above paragraph. Stamp duty of 3.6% still applies, effectively the total charge to the customer is 16%.


Buying for customers in auctions (proxy bidding):


I can buy coins for customers when attending auction overseas. For this service I charge 5% (+VAT @24%) on the auctioneer's invoice. For further details please enquire. - Bottom info