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Great Britain 1887 Gold and Silver Set

Code: 6570


Queen Victoria Jubilee head 1887 Specimen set. Housed in a contemporary period box inscribed "B.A.Seaby, Numismatists". Gold UNC with minor marks, silver toned and matching.

Ex my stock sold about 6 months ago now repurchased in a new deal.



"Specimen sets were made by goldsmiths of the time ususally in contemporary boxes with their business logo engraved on the lid. This practice was extensive in 1887 the year the Jubilee bust was introduced some 48 years after the Coronation Proof sets were minted (1839) and 34 since the last Proof sets of the Royal Mint (1853). It is thought the practise was started in order to satisfy the demand for an alternative to the Proof sets which were extremely expensive and beyond the means of the general public. They are all still extremely popular and highly in demand. 

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