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Great Britain 1993 Gold Proof Set

Code: 6349
Condition: Fleur-de-Coin (FDC)


Spink-PGS18. Elizabeth II. Four coins, Five Pounds to Half Sovereign includes Silver Proof Pistrucci bust Medallion. Commemorates 100 years since the first issue of the four coin collection to feature the classic design of St.George and the Dragon (1893-1993) the work of Benedetto Pistrucci. The Medallion is 1oz fine Silver, 28.28 grams, 38.61mm. Gold with attractive red colours,Silver as struck. Includes the very scarce 1993 Proof Sovereign. FDC-as struck in the RM box of issue with COA.


"In 1887 to coincide with the Queen's Jubilee, new designs were approved. In the Proof set of the year the Five Pounds, Two Pounds and Sovereign all had St.George and the Dragon but the Half Sovereign still had the shield of the Royal Arms. Because of this the silver 6d (which was of similar design and size) was often gilded and passed for gold. New designs were needed and finally implementd at the end of January 1893 when the new Proof sets all had the four gold coins with the now classic design of St.George and the Dragon".

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