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Greece 1836 Complete Set of 12 Medals King OTTO PCGS SP63-65

PRICE: 14.000,00 €
Code: GR 6912


Otto (Prince) of Bavaria as King of Greece. The complete set of 12 Medals in Bronze. Struck in Vienna in 1836 for the occasion of the King's marriage to Princess Amalia of Oldenbourg for distribution to the King's guests. Ten feature the busts of various leaders (heroes) of the Greek revolt against the Ottoman Turks which begun in 1821 (the King was particularly fond of most). The set was housed in a period box (good condition and sold with the set) probably over a very long period undisturbed. All 12 Medals are now graded by PCGS SP63 to SP65 in consecutive numbers 37655369 to 37655380. 


All photos courtesy PCGS but some were accidentally omitted so below please check the grades. €17000.
37655369 SP64 Petros Mavromichalis
37655370 SP65 Germanos of Patras
37655371 SP63 Kolokotronis & Nikitas
37655372 SP64 Alexandros Mavrokordatos
37655373 SP64 Markos Botsaris
37655374 SP63 Andreas Mialoulis
37655375 SP63 G. Kountouriotis
37655376 SP64 Ioannis Kolletis
37655377 SP65 Spyridon Trikoupis
37655379 SP63 Prince Otto of Bavaria
37655380 SP63 King Otto & Amalia


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