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1832 Germany Silver Thaler "Geschichtstaler" BUNC

Code: GRM-S1


KM-761. Bavaria, Ludwig I (1786-1868). Die axis ↑↓. Obverse portrait of the King, reverse Prince Otto receives the Crown of Greece. 


Superbly toned, this is my most recent addition to my collection, ex WAG auction 106 lot 1060.


Otto was the second child of Ludwig I. In 1830 under the pressure from Great Britain (Governor Ioannis Kapodistrias was considered pro Russian)  it was decided that Greece be proclaimed Kingdom. After Leopold of Saxe Coburg declined the Throne of Greece (he later ascended the Throne of Belgium) it was decided that Prince Otto take the job. He was proclaimed King of Greece (a title which was changed to "King of the Greeks by his successors). He was only 17! 


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